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One of the great joys has been to work with young scientists in many countries and to enjoy their bright eyed enthusiasm and burning desire to make the world a better place.. Dr Rod Polkinghorne OAM

As a pioneer of innovation and in his role as Chairman of Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Pathways Committee (1996 to date) Rod Polkinghorne has steered the science underpinning meat standards and mentored many young scientists and industry enthusiasts around the world.His teams have been awarded recognition for their innovation and achievements. In 2010 the Australian Museum awarded (MSA) Pathways Committee the Eureka Award for Excellence In Research By An Interdisciplinary Team and the MSA Pathways Team International Meat Secretariat was awarded the Millennium Prize For Meat Science and Technology in 2000.  Rod was named the 2012 Texas Tech University Meat Head of the Year in recognition of research excellence and contributions to TTU and he received the Meat Science Award of Recognition in 2015 from the Polish Beef Association in appreciation for advancing research and innovation within the Polish beef industry.He was awarded and Order of Australia (OAM) for Services to the Beef Industry (2009) and in 2016 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science by Murdoch University.

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