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April  2018



RE: Meat Science Toward 2030 - Global Strategic Directions Initiative

This initiative has been taken by the Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) to frame a global strategy for future research funding. AMPC invests over $35million each year in red meat processor levies into research, development and extension programs that improve the sustainability and efficiency of the sector.

AMPC recognises that the viability of the red meat industry is intrinsically linked to meat science and has engaged Birkenwood International Pty Ltd to seek a global consensus view on research priorities for the next decade to optimise opportunities and outcomes from meat science research by:

  • identifying strategic research streams to 2030


  • fostering development of young meat scientists, and

  • facilitating a new research model linking global expertise within collaborative research projects.

This initiative presents internationally renowned meat scientists and young scientists with an invitation to address two questions:

1. What are the key challenges and opportunities for Meat Science over the next decade and

2. How do we harness Meat Science and related expertise into the future.

Following a review of submissions an imminent group of Meat Scientists from a number of countries and disciplines will be invited to join a Global Expert Group to meet and discuss these high level imperatives.It is envisaged that invitees will participate as an individual rather than as a representative of an organization, bringing their experience and personal views to the table in addition to any useful insights into institutional impediments or opportunities.

As a member of the Meat Science community or related discipline your participation and input will be greatly valued and of critical importance in allocating research funding against a considered strategy over the next decade and to build a strong base of meat science expertise into the future.


Yours sincerely,

Dr Rod Polkinghorne, OAM


Birkenwood International Pty Ltd

45 Church St, Hawthorn, Melbourne

Vic 3122 Australia

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